Earth Spirit II

    The more fragile version of our design nr. I – still bronze, silver and metallic blueish black are dominating this beautiful design and also here a bluegreyish stone pearl on the top.

    And don't forget, cause it's important for us, so it should be important for you too! All our creations are 100% Designed & Handmade in Finland, for all our beaded rings we use only high quality glass beads and allergen free components. All rings are unique – there is no second one, exactly like this!


    A Fairytale Between Nightmares

    Our own autumn favorite taken in the Nuuksio area 2015

    Finnish Pine with basic wall hanging, size: 190x130x18 mm

    And don’t forget, cause it’s important for us, so it should be important for you too! All our Woodographs are 100% Handmade in Finland. All wood we use is hand selected and prepared, all photographs are taken, edited and hand transferred by us!
    All pieces are UV-resistant and have a protective coating. Dusting & cleaning with a slightly moistened towel is possible. Remember – wood is a natural material it may expand and contract due to temperature and humidity changes


    Contract Of Life

    Contract of Life's story: So there is this contract of life. We all have signed one, not many of us remember what we have signed or how long this contract is going to be. I used to think learning was enough and when I thought that I've learnt everything there was to learn about life, I was like: “Well, thank you life, may I go now?” Life though laughed at me, and instead just gave me one experience after another. And some day I finally realized, “Well it's not gonna end that soon!” And further “Well, there is as it seems plenty of time left. I might as well share! Somewhere on the road I realized that it is=our my responsibility towards life to live what I've =we've learnt and in the same breath to give life back. And that was the time when the real fun began. And so I started to share and asked again: “Well, now I live what I know and I share! May I go now?” And again life just laughed and gave me an answer in form of another experience.

    Until this day, I haven't stopped asking life and I still somehow think I can cheat my way out of this contract and float out of my body whenever I want, but yeah well there still is this contract and somehow I have a feeling it's still going on for some time. Some day though I'll stop asking life. And life instead will ask me, very well behaved and respectful, because that is what life is: “Well, Sarah darling, how do you wish to proceed in this never-ending story of yours? Do you wish to stay on earth or do you wish to leave towards somewhere else?” And I will choose and this dubious contract that is life here on earth will end (only to be continued somewhere else)
    Length: 11,5cm



    And don't forget, cause it's important for us, so it should be important for you too! We are 100% designed & handmade in Finland and we use for all our beaded earrings only high quality glass beads, allergen free components and sterling silver hooks. All earrings are unique single pieces – sometimes we create variations in design and length, but you will never find a twin – there is no second one like this!

    Every story has a beginning...

    We are Sarah “Sarina” Irina & Harald Christoph, two wander souls, who from one day to the other, packed their suitcases and moved from Austria to Finland as their chosen country. We felt in love with Finland long before, the nature is what enchants us until today and it is what flows into our creations. We use our hands to create and our hands only, no machines/ no robots do the work, that can only be done by us.Harald aka Mr. Wood aka all-rounder, takes pictures and via his own two hands transfers the ones he chooses to wood, which he gets from local Finnish woodworkers, which he saws and sands and paints on. He programs our homepage and makes the photo cards for our jewelry. Sarina aka Mrs Bead takes tiny beads and turns them into jewelry, mostly earrings and necklaces. Sarina writes and can be found sitting at our floor loom.
    Jewellery & Woven Art
    Photography & Woodography

    Our Creations

    One important fact for us & so it should be important for you too! All our creations are 100% Designed & Handmade in Finland by our own hands. For our creations we use the following raw materials:

    We are endless sources of creativity, our hea(rt)ds are always spinning and the next idea is only a breath away. Aaaand – this is only the beginning of all. For now we are here. And we are here to share our love with the world around us!