101 Serenity

101 Serenity

2014 was the birth year of Likrearto’s Woodography.

It all started more or less out of the nothing and has become in quite short time a big part of my creative life, that I don’t want to miss anymore. The reactions to our “Photoart on Wood” have been amazing! Lots of people where interested in the how it’s done and we heard also comments of people, who don’t have a hint of a clue, how much work is included in our work from the early beginning until the finished Woodography. Same goes to the Sealsoul jewelry, but that’s another story Sarah will share with you some day…

First of all – all our pieces are hand made, they all have gone through my own hands, minutes to hours. They are NOT machine printed and they are not printed at all! They are painstakingly hand transferred from footprints on paper, with love, acryl medium and many many patience! As they are hand transfered, they are all unique, even the same design on the same kind of wood looks different. Cause of the „Errors“ occur during the process and through the different wood grains. And I know, those who have an eye for the beauty of life will see the work behind and that they are handmade. You can’t make those variations by machine and you can’t make „perfect“ transfers via hand and thats the thing that makies them special!

All of them have their own soul and feelings, create their own story and message for the right new „owner“! Sometimes it’s a more scratchy soul, sometimes a smooth skin and sometimes it isn’t ready to get transferred on wood. Yes, sometimes you put hours in the preparation and application, to see in the last step that it didn’t worked. But it is as it has to be and if the wood decides to get rid of the colors again, I have to respect this and give it another try.

Compared with the early beginning in summer 2014 we expanded our Woodographs, from the available designs, but also from the different kinds of wood and the sizes we used. But that should only be the beginning and we experiment and create lots of new amazing stuff with wood and photographs and also new material combinations. 2015 is young as we are, but we are already full of ideas!

Here a little overview of all 2014 designs and as quite lot of them are quite new, we will see them also in 2015! Few of them will be the first ones to show up in something like “The Woodography – Classics”, as they are timeless, at least in our opinion!

Check out our Woodography shop section, to see our current stock. If you like one of the photos and want us to make a woodography for you or you want a custom made Woodography – just contact us!

Ps: And don’t forget the photographs that I transfer, it took me hours and days for taking them and the editing process. I think you can say in some of the pieces is more time than most of the people use for taking photos in their whole life. So a big thanks to all people who see and respect art and don’t compare it with cheap mass prints and made in China products.