Festival season again. And for me festivals and the photo pit are inseparable. And now just on time for this beautiful time of the year and after almost one year of ON/OFF work Kallio|Taide is ready to go public.

One year you might think is a long periode of time, but not everybody knows what I am doing and how I’m doing it. Art for me is always a creative prozess, which you can’t control in some points. When I started with Kallio|Taide everything was flowing until I reached a specific point. At this I had maybe two thirds of the photographs done, afirst sketch of the homepage and already some of the writing – that was some time back in december 2013.

After that there came some stagnation with that project, maybe maily the time wasn’t right for it NOW, but for something different, that I later called “DANCING LIGHTS”. This was planned, it happened, it got it’s own dynamic and it had to be published and done before continuing with Kallio|Taide.

The other point is, you have to pay bills, you have to do things for your living (at this time not everything in my live was about creativity) and I am doing everything by myself. It takes time to satisfy yourself with page designs, graphic stuff, the photographs, writings, everything. This time it took nearly one year, I think something like 3 page designs, everything developed to the end result you soon will see. And at this time I can say I am proud of it and I LOVE the result and also the fact how long it took the create this project.

I’m driven by creating and creating until I’m satisfied – but not from perfection – I love thos perfect unperfect things…