Got asked by a tourist today if our products are typical finnish – NO they are not – as we are unique. You can’t be unique and typical at the same time and that’s the thing you can see at so many design brands… We combine typical Finnish elements in our work, in our presentation and our feeling is finnish – but we are unique!

We don’t create out of purpose – our only intention is to be honest to ourselves. Our name says everything about us – LIKREARTO means “Live To Kreate Art” – that’s our way of living and surviving life… Our creations are 100% handmade, perfect in the way they are and our prices are not reflecting in any way, how much time and energy we put in our “babies” – we don’t want to get rich, we want to live, to survive and to create and share beauty and love.

I don’t care anymore, that people can’t see a difference between handmade and machine-made, between produced with my own hands here in Finland and ordered from China, where nobody gives a shit about the conditions.

I don’t care anymore, that people can’t see a difference between real passion and showing only what others want to see and hear, that people can’t see the difference between heaven and hell… You are the ones making decisions on your life and connected to that – on all other lives! If you don’t change your life, doing only what you love, the thing you are living for – the world will be the same for ever and ever again…

I live to create art, my art only and in the way I want to show it – I am FREE and I will not change this, cause people don’t understand what I or what WE are doing!