If we could speak, we would tell you a story and the story would go like this……
“Sometimes we feel like a tiny piece of a ship plank, who has seen lots of places in the world, with peeling colors of the bright sunlight in the middle of the ocean, sometimes we feel proud like a unique and very special piece of art in a gallery, admired by the all the tiny humans coming to visit us, but mostly we feel special like you are – we all are special and beautiful and that is why we found together.
Not only that we are 100% handmade, we are your friend, made with lots of love, a piece of a photography and some colour. There are others like us, so we are not alone, although we are special and unique and everyone of us is waiting for his new home, for the right owner – for you! And yeah not to forget, sometimes we are really hip and funky and wearing beaded rays of light, yeah we sometimes we can be so damn glam, we can be rock, we can be noble – but all in all we always will be a piece of love made by loving hands.”

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