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Let us introduce ourselves – welcome to the SealSoul “ Circus” (we are the longest version). These about 19 centimeter long earrings are one of three of the little Sealsoul Circus family, which shows his beauty in a black-cream top, followed by different shades of blue, highlighted by some gold and minttu-black beads. The design was inspired by the circus called life. The safe connection to your ears is accomplished by sterling silver hooks and a save travel to the new owner is provided through their unique photo card package.

And don't forget, cause it's important forum, so it should be important for you too! We are 100% Designed & Handmade in Finland and we use for all our beaded earrings only high quality glass beads, allergen free components and sterling silver hooks. All earrings are unique single pieces – sometimes we create variations in design and length, but you will never find a twin – there is no second one like this!

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