Lost and never to be found


The lost shoe at the wintry tram station next to the Stockmann department store – what is its story…?
The photograph was actually taken already 2010, don't ask me why I signed it with 2013. Maybe time is only time and doesn't make so much difference…

Finnish Black Alder with basic wall hanging, size: 245x130x22 mm

And don’t forget, cause it’s important for us, so it should be important for you too! All our Woodographs are 100% Handmade in Finland. All wood we use is hand selected and prepared, all photographs are taken, edited and hand transferred by us!
All pieces are UV-resistant and have a protective coating. Dusting & cleaning with a slightly moistened towel is possible. Remember – wood is a natural material it may expand and contract due to temperature and humidity changes!

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