Regular. The image of the perfect green shade had been in my mind for a long time. One day I came across it and there it is, building a perfect union with blue and white shades. A personal favorite! We hope you’ll like them as much as we do.

See also Irregular beaded earrings, which come in the exact same color, only color arrangement is different, one pair being more bluish while the other is more greenish.

Oh, and the best is, there also is a matching necklace available, so check the necklace section!


Length: 10,5cm


And don’t forget, cause it’s important for us, so it should be important for you too! We are 100% designed & handmade in Finland and we use for all our beaded earrings only high quality glass beads, allergen free components and sterling silver hooks. All earrings are unique single pieces – sometimes we create variations in design and length, but you will never find a twin – there is no second one like this!

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