Shell I


Shell, sweet love making and waters inspired this design —

Story behind: Every single design I make is inspired by something, a feeling, a word, a picture, a thought, a wave, but lately and mostly just by colors. Colors they are just everywhere, a pattern on a wall, a graffiti, sparkling asphalt, the sky every new day, the sea blue so much blue but not only blue, trees bark, they are just amazing and tell so much sometimes a face or just eyes but colors always colors grey a hint of rosé, so much more to see than you can think (of). When I walk through a city, I sometimes make pictures, not of people, not of sights, not of buildings. I cut everything and I take a photo of colors in front of me, a cutting of an old door already splintered, a wall cracked all over, a detail of a glass's always the details and the details only that inspire me to see what is in my imagination already! But this time it is just sweet love making and waters (just makes it enough). And it is no doubt my sweetest design so far. When I showed them to Harald, he immediately came up with a vision and only few moments later the beautiful photo card for Shell was born!


Length: 10cm


And don't forget, cause it's important for us, so it should be important for you too! We are 100% designed & handmade in Finland and we use for all our beaded earrings only high quality glass beads, allergen free components and sterling silver hooks. All earrings are unique single pieces – sometimes we create variations in design and length, but you will never find a twin – there is no second one like this!

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