Sininen Verstas


We write the year 2012 and the The Old Church Park (Vanha kirkkopuisto) in the center of Helsinki was decorated all over, decorated is not the right word, it was a piece of Hippie art, of free spirit, of LOVE made by Sininen Verstas, made me happy every day when I was walking by…

Finnish Pine with basic wall hanging, size: 190x130x18 mm

And don’t forget, cause it’s important for us, so it should be important for you too! All our Woodographs are 100% Handmade in Finland. All wood we use is hand selected and prepared, all photographs are taken, edited and hand transferred by us!
All pieces are UV-resistant and have a protective coating. Dusting & cleaning with a slightly moistened towel is possible. Remember – wood is a natural material it may expand and contract due to temperature and humidity changes!

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