Story behind the Surfer Series:

“The colors red and blue had been in my mind since about two weeks. I already had created one piece aka 14 strands in blue and red, only to destroy it after. It just did not feel right and harmonious, but so I told myself, the time would come when red and blue would meet in perfect harmony. Yesterday long after midnight Harald showed me one of his newest beautiful pictures, lots of blue and red, I was like: „hell yeah this it“. „Surfer“ was the first word that came to my mind. I longed to set my imagination free that night, but my eyes were too tired and the wish for rest stronger. I felt asleep and woke up with the imagination of my new red-blue creation.

Soon I rushed over to my desk, creativity running high through my blood and I know I would only be able to rest again, after I had bring this imagination into life. And so I did, and this is the result.”
Water, always water.

Length: 9,5cm

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