Every story has a beginning…

“With beauty comes love, with love comes peace, with peace comes joy.”

We are Sarah “Sarina” Irina & Harald Christoph, two wander souls, who from one day to the other, packed their suitcases and moved from Austria to Finland as their chosen country. We felt in love with Finland long before, the nature is what enchants us until today and it is what flows into our creations. We use our hands to create and our hands only, no machines/ no robots do the work, that can only be done by us.Harald aka Mr. Wood aka all-rounder, takes pictures and via his own two hands transfers the ones he chooses to wood, which he gets from local Finnish woodworkers, which he saws and sands and paints on. He programs our homepage and makes the photo cards for our jewelry.

Sarina aka Mrs Bead takes tiny beads and turns them into jewelry, mostly earrings and necklaces. Sarina writes and can be found sitting at our floor loom.

For our creations we use the following raw materials:

Wood //

For our legendary Woodography (=pictures on wood), and our popular Woodonecks that are meant to be worn around the neck.

Beads //

Used in our jewelry line, that goes under our sub-brand name SealSoul (all kind of beaded jewelry). Our Woodobeads are a love collaboration between wood and beads in the shape of the sun, moon (basically all shapes that come to our minds)

Fabric //

For our woven fabrics, wallhangings and Woodoweave (=wood and weave)

“We are endless sources of creativity, our hea(rt)ds are always spinning and the next idea is only a breath away.
Aaaand – this is only the beginning of all.
For now we are here. And we are here to share our love with the world around us!”