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The things that makes a difference – the things that change the world

Do you know the main thing, that differs, if you buy something from Likrearto and you are working with us?

You get something unique, something special – we don’t create for the masses. You get handwork, you get that one single piece only for you and you have our full attention! There are no unnecessary links between you and us, as you work or buy directly from the artists – you see what you get and you see the person who creates it!
For me it always was and still is very important to see the whole picture when I buy something. Nowadays it is not that obvious and large chains are covered behind small shops or sub-brands. But if you keep your eyes open you can see all those things, you can see the whole picture. And why this is so important? You know, the world is changing, people are changing, everything is changing – but not the system. So we have a situation where everything is ruled by large chains and brands and where its nearly impossible for single persons, artists, creative souls to live their lives doing what they want and what they are good in. How to compete with mass products made in China, when people lost their eye for the details, for the value of things – they even lost their eyes for what is going on right beside them. They see the global world, they see the numbers on their bank account, but do they see what amazing people are living next to them, are sitting every day next to them in the bus or train?
The rules of the world in the last years have been – BE LOUD – or you are nothing. But come on, aren’t we over this? It’s time to open our eyes again for the true beauty and not listening to those, who say what the beauty is. Bury down the celebrities, the loud one, the wannabes – we should have the same chances, never mind if we already have a big name and a management or not!
Cause, you will get almost everything – we and other small creative startups (I so really don’t like that word) are creating – somewhere else, but you won’t get the same feeling! There is a big, big difference between handwork and the mass products coming out of machines, and you will feel it, when you hold it in your hands!
So please support us artists and not the large companies, the large brands, the large names! We will never stop creating, but we will maybe have to stop giving you the opportunity to see our creations, to buy them and to be part of the whole thing – as we have to pay our bills as well. And we can’t use tax-tricks or whatever…

To picture some of the little things that makes a difference – see here all current photo cards for Kauni’s Sealsoul jewelry. If she isn’t working with children or writing, she’s using every second to create new earring and necklace designs. And all of them are coming with a special photo card made by me. They are not a gimmick or something, the combination has been in our heads, before we made the very first piece already, and they take me sometimes days to make! They all are special pieces and a piece of art themselves. And they all come with a piece of nature to you – with a small wooden branch that will hold your piece in place.

So if you buy and support Sealsoul jewelry you do not only get beaded beauties for your ears or neck, you also get a piece of photo art.