What is it about the news you can read everywhere and everyday? About persons who rocked the world, about those very special ones – in what is speciality measured – who is the master over those decisions? Or when these people die, everybody thinks he has to say something and mostly it sounds like – not s/he, s/he hasn’t deserved it. Who has deserved to die and who not? Who is the judge or hangman in this game?

Why is everybody looking for a hero or the beauty in somebody else, why they aren’t looking inside themselves? Why idols, why coping the “Great” instead of being GREAT yourself, why looking for influences in the past, in politics and in dead things? We are the beauty, beauty is inside us all – always – she is there when we are feeling good and when we are feeling sad in the same intensity, we have just to see it.

Why not only trusting into our own creativity, imagination and dreams? There is no need to get taught by others, everything is inside us and it is in our hands to unleash the power of our imaginations. When you are interested in things you start doing them and if you see you have the love and passion for it to do you will start to create and develop yourself and your skills without the need for a teacher. And as result you will get something very special, your uniqueness.

Get rid of the story everybody tries to tell you. You don’t need a special grade in education, an advanced age or a guru to tell you you are special, or that you are ready for something, you are when you feel it and not if you are in a certain age or when you receive a paper. Everybody out there is performing great things, but that they are not in the eye of the public doesn’t mean they are doing less good things. Open your eyes for your neighbours, people outside your friends and people outside the great spotlights of the public, there are heroes everywhere, beauties, models, great artists, actors, humans!

We all ARE, as long as we allow ourselfs to be and if you open your eyes you will see it everywhere!

Maybe they hadn’t the chance or luck or whatever to be in the spotlight until now, BUT that doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough, they shouldn’t get the same respect or they are not worth to get the same attention and payments! Open your picture of the world and open your mind to think big, for you and think big for others and not only for those chosen by the yellow press…

Share your peace, your love and your creativity and share respect to those doing the same!